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The treatment Joey received thanks to the Picasso Veterinary Fund and the TLC he is enjoying from RuthAnn Holbert of Tails of Love Animal Rescue have put him on the path to adoption.

The treatment Joey received thanks to the Picasso Veterinary Fund and the TLC he is enjoying from RuthAnn Holbert of Tails of Love Animal Rescue have put him on the path to adoption.

Joey Makes an Amazing Recovery!

Picasso Veterinary Fund in Action! (April 2010)

Last month we told you about Joey, the sweet Pit mix found abandoned, tied up to a bench at a beach in Far Rockaway. At the time of Joey's rescue, he suffered from one of the worst cases of demodectic mange we've ever seen.

Joey's plight gained wide exposure on the Internet, and we were contacted by people as far away as the UK and Texas interested in helping this lovable young dog. The outpouring of concern for Joey was wonderful, and we are happy to share with you news of Joey's amazing recovery.

After beginning treatment at NYC Veterinary Specialists in Queens for his mange and the other maladies that plagued him — treatment that was paid for by the Picasso Veterinary Fund — he was transferred to Tails of Love Animal Rescue on Staten Island, a New Hope Partner of Animal Care & Control of NYC (AC&C), where RuthAnn Holbert is fostering him in her home.

RuthAnn reports that Joey will remain in her care for the next few months until he is completely healthy and ready for adoption. "He's on a very healthy diet of home-cooked dog food, carrots, apples, and vitamins. His hair is starting to grow in and he is looking mightily handsome. He loves to lay out in the yard in the sun — it hasn't been that hot yet, but when it is, he will require sun block!"

As part of his treatment, RuthAnn bathes Joey every other day. "He really likes bath time. He has to be the best dog ever when it comes to bath — he jumps right in the tub!" she says. "I think it's because I massage him for about 15 minutes, massaging in the medicated shampoo. Either that or he's just a typical male — loves massages and attention!"

Joey's foster caretaker, RuthAnn Holbert, shared this video showing Joey's miraculous recovery.

Joey is a playful pup, and so willing to please, says RuthAnn. He's completely housebroken, doing well learning basic commands, and he loves kisses! He was recently neutered and now is making friends with RuthAnn's other foster dogs. Next, she'll begin a search for a permanent home for Joey. "I want Joey to have a back yard and kids to play with," she says. "He is an overgrown baby himself!…the most loving puppy, considering what was done to him." Watch the Happy Joey Video RuthAnn made and see for yourself!

Joey still needs more TLC and training, but he should be ready for adoption within a few months. Tails of Love Animal Rescue will handle the adoption, so if you're interested in adopting Joey, you can contact Tails of Love at TailsofLoveAnimalRescue@gmail.com.

The Picasso Veterinary Fund of the Mayor's Alliance has helped to write many heartwarming "tails" of sick or injured dogs and cats who went on to enjoy the love of a permanent home. That's what the Picasso Veterinary Fund is all about — creating second chances for these deserving animals. Joey's recovery demonstrates one of the most dramatic visual turnarounds we've seen. But whether the visual difference is dramatic or slight, what all of our Picasso animals have in common is a significant second chance at a happy life!

We hope you'll join us in our efforts to create more happy endings by donating to the Picasso Veterinary Fund. Or consider providing a caring foster home for a cat or dog like Joey who needs a few weeks, or a few months, to get back in shape for adoption. Let us know if you'd like to help; you can e-mail us at picasso@AnimalAllianceNYC.org.

Thank you to all the well-wishers who contacted us about Joey. Your support is what keeps us in the business of saving precious lives!



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